The killer 2016 Smoky Quartz Rolls-Royce

11/10/2016 15:13:11
The killer 2016 Smoky Quartz Rolls-Royce
It seems like even the most insignificant car makers and tuners came up to their own extensive range of exclusive paint jobs.

It seems like even the most insignificant car makers and tuners came up to their own extensive range of exclusive paint jobs. That might be a good thing for car buyers, but when it comes to high-end automakers their life becomes harder because of that, cause they are expected to be be the trendsetters in this field.



This is exactly what happened to Rolls-Royce, in this way they need to be more creative, and add more paintings and features to their models. The Smoky Quartz vehicles you see in the pictures is exactly what the car brand does to keep it up with competition. Although it appears to be inspired by something off the Starbucks menu, the color on Smoky Quartz Rolls-Royce Wraith is named after a precious stone featuring the same sort of wonderful hues. This paint work might seem a bit too plain to some people though, including the owner of this particular Wraith who has sent it to Forgiato’s workshop so they can add some spice to its mix.



The wheels Forgiato has picked for the Smoky Quartz Rolls-Royce Wraith are a set of 24-inch Forgiato Concavo-M wheels in a hand-brushed finished. The fact that 24-inch rims look so normal-sized underneath the Wraith should give you some ideas as to the size of this car. So it’s a good thing that it packs a gutsy V12 twin-turbo engine. Otherwise the car not only would look like a bowl of Caramel Macchiato, it would drive like one as well.


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