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2008 Chevrolet MALIBU

97238 miles | 0 bids
4 Days 18:35:08 Left

2012 Toyota YARIS

57435 miles | 0 bids
4 Days 22:39:42 Left

2006 Chevrolet COBALT SS

136911 miles | 0 bids
4 Days 15:11:29 Left

2006 Chevrolet EQUINOX AWD LT

138710 miles | 0 bids
2 Days 02:31:59 Left

2012 Toyota RAV4 BASE

17480 miles | 0 bids
03:32:19 Left

2012 Chevrolet AVALANCHE LT

125731 miles | 0 bids
1 Day 15:58:19 Left

2009 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 2WD

49343 miles | 0 bids
3 Days 02:29:02 Left

2011 Toyota CAMRY 4C LE

86105 miles | 0 bids
5 Days 13:27:12 Left
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I had the opportunity to go to this public auto auction with a friend who was looking for a cool low price car. I found some on line information to assist us, but it was quite outdated. Repokar impressed us and we began our work with them only! Try them and you will see by yourself it is great. This is a great business that has been around for years. They care about their customers and pay close attention to details.


This is, in my personal opinion, one of the best Large auctions in Florida... They have a wide variety of items. I have been dealing with them for years and thus have never had any major issues. They always are very good to me.

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