The Hoffmann & Novague R200 is an astonishing running prototype of a retro racer

12/06/2015 17:57:22
The Hoffmann & Novague R200 is an astonishing running prototype of a retro racer
Konovýroba Hoffmann and Petr Novague’s industrial design studio produced a retro racer inspired by the Skoda 130 RS and by Audi R8, naming it the Hoffmann & Novague R200.

The Hoffmann & Novague R200 is a Czech retro racer project inspired by the Skoda 130 RS of the 1980’s and having an Audi R8 as a base. It is the result of a partnership between Konovýroba Hoffmann and Petr Novague’s industrial design studio.

retro racer

The Hoffmann & Novague R200 modifies the Audi R8 with a retro front end and a retro rear and gets an aluminium body with carbon fibre components. The front features a blunt nose and two circular headlights. The side gets ram air vents and three fender vents, reminiscent of certain Italian classics. Performance figures include a 0 to 100 km/h time of just 4.5 seconds. Maximum speed is 280 km/h.

running prototype

The Hoffmann&Novague R200 is a running prototype, demonstrating what the company is capable of and hoping to attract the attention of other individuals who are looking for something unique. 





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